Soins complexes à domicile pour enfants

Everyday tips

Nutrition and hydration

  • Some children with a stoma have another medical condition which may limit their choices of food (eg, Inflammatory bowel disease). Check with your child’s healthcare team to see which types of food are allowed.
  • When introducing new foods, try one at a time so you can determine your child’s response.
  • Some foods can cause odors and excess gas (eg, raw cauliflower). Offer these to your child less often.
  • If your child has an ileostomy, smaller, more frequent meals are recommended (eg, 5-6 small meals per day).
  • When a child has a stoma, there may be a variation in the amount of water that is excreted with the stool. You will learn to recognize your child’s usual pattern.
  • Your child should drink frequently, especially if your child has an ileostomy. Increase water intake when your child has a fever, increased activity or when it is hot outdoors.
  • Know the signs of dehydration in children:
    • less frequent urination (wet diapers) /more concentrated (dark yellow) urine
    • dry lips and mouth
    • sunken eyes
    • headache, feeling faint, dizzy or tired
    • faster heart rate.

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