Soins complexes à domicile pour enfants

Healthcare professionals

Thank you for visiting this site. More and more, we are being challenged to guide and support care for children with chronic conditions and medical complexity. This is not an easy task – for parents or for us! The care that these children require can be highly specialized.

We are all learning together, with the goal to make care at home safe and effective, to improve the lives of these children and their families.

Our vision is to work with parents, as partners, providing evidence-informed, high quality, standardized education. The tools on this website are for this purpose. We hope that you will use these new web-based tools to support the excellent teaching that you are already providing to parents and caregivers.
And, if you are learning yourself about these methods of care, we hope that you find the information clear and concise, to complement your professional informational resources.
You may also find the materials here of use in introducing to students, trainees and new staff about the complex methods of care that are provided in the home setting.

We wish to acknowledge and thank the dozens of health care professionals who contributed directly to the development of this website. Your input, reflecting your knowledge and experience, was exceptional.

Lastly, but most importantly, we hope that when you meet children with medical complexity and their families, you:

See the child as a child and not as a series of diagnoses.
See the strengths, of the child and of the family.
Save your pity, they are not looking for it.
Recognize their devotion and resilience, and TELL THEM, every chance you get.

Let us know what you think of this resource – we welcome your valuable feedback!

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