Soins complexes à domicile pour enfants

Parenteral nutrition

How does it work?

309e.Venous access device     309.1eSeparate parts of the venous access device

488e.Bag of nutrient solution with label before preparation with identified elements.FINAL

304.Central catheter with peripheral access on child.FINAL

305. Central catheter inserted in child.FINAL

307.Catheter central implantable chamber on child.FINAL

460e.VIP CADD Solis pump bag and tubing

The pump works with non-rechargeable batteries or a rechargeable battery.
It is programmed to automatically deliver the nutrition solution into your child’s catheter at the rate (speed) prescribed by the doctor.
The pump CADD®- Solis VIP was chosen to illustrate and detail the steps of the care methods concerned, as it is the model of pump frequently used for children.

Your child’s healthcare team will supervise the parenteral nutrition treatment and ensure that the equipment is functioning properly. Ask your healthcare team about specific recommendations for your child, including the procedure for changing the protective dressing which protects the insertion site of the catheter.

Refer to your healthcare team if the equipment used for your child is different from what is described in the care methods.

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