Soins complexes à domicile pour enfants

Everyday tips


  • Position the circuit tubing towards the head of the bed to prevent it from curling, bending getting stuck underneath the child.
  • Avoid pulling the tubing or putting tension on the mask to prevent air leaks around the mask.
  • Avoid pulling on the tubing or putting tension on the connection to the tracheal cannula to reduce the risk of tracheal injury, accidental decannulation and/or air leakage.
  • Ensure that the pillow does not block the exhalation valve mask.
  • If a heated humidifier is used, install the ventilatory assistance device as close as possible to the bedside, preferably at a level lower than or equal to the head of the child so that excess condensation, if any, will flow into the water chamber and not into the child’s mask.
  • If your child has a tracheostomy, refer to the appropriate section to complete the information.

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