On behalf of healthcare teams everywhere, we think you are incredible!

No parent wishes to have a child with medical complexity but faced with that reality, we remain humbled by the depth of devotion that we regularly witness.

We see your motivation, your capabilities and most importantly, the love that you share with your child. We know that your daily lives are not easy. We know you are often tired. We know that you are trying your best.

Health care providers have a lot to learn from you, your child and your family’s experiences. This website was developed mainly for you, in response to parents telling us, over and over, that they wanted to take their children home and were prepared to learn how to do so, safely and effectively.

The tools described here were created to support you as you learn the skills and acquire the knowledge required to care for your child at home. Ideally, the care practice descriptions here will help you gain confidence and skill in taking care of your child. They may be an ongoing source of reference to you and to other caregivers to support the safe care of your child at home. You may print out materials for easy reference during teaching and at home.

While you may be most interested in the specific care practices, please take a moment to look through the sections:

Preparing your child
Preparing yourself
Preparing your home

In these sections, we focus on topics that are of importance to all children with medical complexity and their families. We hope that the materials here are of practical help to you in the day to day care of your child.

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Your feedback is welcome! We see this as a website in evolution and hope to secure the funding in order to continue to develop and expand the resources. Send comments here.

Medical enquiries or urgent health care issues should be directed to your child’s health care team.