• In addition to peritoneal dialysis treatments, your child may need medications (eg, heparin, antibiotic) to treat possible complications of dialysis.
  • Medications should be added to all dialysate bags during the assembly of the cycler, prior to connecting the child for the automated peritoneal dialysis treatment.
  • We suggest a procedure that you can use as a guide; discuss with your healthcare team the specific equipment used for your child.
  • This care must be given with strict adherence to the aseptic measures taught by your care team, including basic procedures to be performed before starting.
  • Be sure to add the medications in the correct sequence of steps for assembling the cycler.
  • Refer to your healthcare team for directions about reconstituting the medication in liquid form if it is a powder.
  • Adding the medication to the dialysate bags is part of the sequence of method of care Assembly of the cycler Step 6
  • If the dialysate bag being used has more than one chamber, always add the medication before mixing the fluids from the two chambers.
  • After adding the medication, the bag must be used within 24 hours.


During the preparation of dialysate bags, if necessary.

Required materials:

Refer to your healthcare team if the materials used or the sequence of steps taught is different from what is described in the method of care.

Depending on your child’s age and condition, always encourage your child’s autonomy in carrying out the method of care.

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