WARNING: The information in this section is meant as a general guide to help parents and caregivers with common issues and is not intended to replace the care provided by your child’s healthcare team. 

Discuss your child’s unique needs with your healthcare team, including WHO and WHEN to contact when problems arise.


Watery stool


Irritated skin around the stoma: red, swollen, burning, presence of small red bumps, small wounds or slight bleeding

Unpleasant odors

Skin protector does not stick properly to the skin

Detachment of the bag

Bleeding from the stoma

Movement of the stoma: sinks inward or sticks out by more than 0.5 centimeters from its usual position


For specific advice on your child or any other questions, do not hesitate to contact the enterostomal therapy nurse or your child’s healthcare team.

When to consult your healthcare team


  • You are having difficulties with the equipment.
  • There is an ongoing leakage.

Skin around the stoma

  • The skin is irritated (ex: redness, red bumps, small injuries, itching, burning), and you have not been able to resolve the problem.


  • The stoma changes color for more than a few minutes.
  • The stoma has sunk in or sticks out more than 0.5 cm from its usual position.
  • There is bleeding (more than a few drops).


  • The amount of stool has increased or decreased more than usual, for more than a day and for no apparent reason.
  • Your child has persistent diarrhea (more water loss in the stool).

General state of health

  • Your child has abdominal pain or swelling.
  • Your child has signs of dehydration:
    • less frequent urination (wet diapers) /more concentrated (dark yellow) urine;
    • dry lips and mouth;
    • sunken eyes;
    • headache, feeling faint, dizzy or tired;
    • faster heart rate.
  • Your child has nausea, vomiting or unexplained pain.
  • Your child has a fever (≥ 38⁰C rectal or ≥ 37.5⁰C oral or ≥ 37.5⁰C armpit).

Do not hesitate to contact your enterostomal therapy nurse or your healthcare team with any specific questions concerning your child.