Required materials:

Multi-caroussel page

What is it?

How does it work?

Methods of care:

-Multi-caroussel page

-Care of the catheter insertion site

-Assembly of the cycler

-Addition of medication to the dialysate

-Connection to the cycler

-Disconnection of the cycler

-Effluent specimen collection

-Inspiratory aid

-Expiratory aid

-Inspiratory and expiratory aid

-Tracheostomy skin care, changing the tracheostomy dressing, changing the inner cannula of a tracheostomy (if present)

-Changing the tracheostomy ties

-Changing of a simple tracheal cannula

-Administration of medication via tracheostomy

-Aspiration of oral secretions

-Aspiration of nasopharyngeal secretions

-Suctioning a tracheostomy tube

-Invasive ventilation

-Non-invasive ventilation with mask

-Non-invasive ventilation with a mouthpiece

-Manual ventilation by tracheostomy

-Manual ventilation with mask

-Emptying the bag of the stoma device

-Changing the collection device

-Insertion and removal of a nasogastric tube

-Change of the gastrostomy balloon button

-Temporary installation of a urinary Foley™ catheter in the stoma

-Administration of nutritional formula: Nasal tube

-Administration of nutritional formula: Button

-Administration of nutritional formula: Enterostomy long tube

-Medication administration

-Preparation of the parenteral nutrition solution and addition of additives

-Monitoring of the catheter site

-Catheter irrigation

-Administration of parenteral nutrition solution

-Monitoring of the catheter site

-Ambulatory infusion pump: 1. elastomeric 2. electronic pump

-Syringe pump

-Catheter irrigation

-Administration of intravenous antibiotics by elastomeric infusion pump

-Administration of intravenous antibiotics by ambulatory infusion pump

-Intermittent catheterization: boys

-Intermittent catheterization: girls

-Intermittent catheterization: Mitrofanoff

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